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Dec. 20th, 2018 11:14 am
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Hi! I mostly post about Captain America stuff here. I draw fan comics and write the occasional small ficlet. I am married, with a very assertive toddler. My personal blog is at [personal profile] summercomfort. I am bad at reaching out to people, so consider this a blanket invitation to start a convo with me about anything. (contact info below)

As a tumblr expat, the following norms are true for my blog:
1) Commenting with a <3 = a "like". (I won't respond, but it will be seen and appreciated)
2) My posts will be short and frequent. (blurb + link = "reblog")
3) I won't be hiding my images behind cuts. (but I will cut for length and discretion))
4) All of my posts will be public. Feel free to "reblog" how you want! (linkbacks appreciated)
4.5) Reblogging images: please use thumbnail form of image (width=200) instead of full size reposting.
5) Use the comments on this Sticky as either an Askbox (comments are private, anon is open), or a way to @Mention me (just drop in a link to the post where you @mention me)
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Talk to Me about anything: potofsoupyfeels at gmail | discord: potofsoup#8889
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Thought through some stuff on the personal blog. [x]. Here's the distilled bits:

- I will stop hating tumblr because what they did to my blogs is merely machine algorithms run amok and there's no human there, so why waste my own emotional energy on it? That said, I will never trust tumblr ever again.

- All my creative fandom stuff will be centered on AO3. I'll play with using various social media to disseminate my fan works, but the overall goal is to do a better job signing things and linking back to AO3.

- I'm going to slightly revamp my Patreon. Patrons will get a first look at content and in-process posts, that will then be posted either on AO3 or here, depending on whether it's fandom vs. non-fandom, and creative work vs. process stuff.

- I'm going to focus on wrapping up The Rutabaga Project for a while... probably until June/July.

- I'm bad at reaching out to people and staying in touch, so... reach out to me??? I love email! It's my ideal asynchronous, long-form conversation platform. My email is potofsoupyfeels at gmail. That said, my Discord is potofsoup#8889 , so if you want the equivalent of texting, that's the thing to use.

- I have many mixed feelings about the coming of Endgame.
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I've been playing Stardew Valley and some of my cows are named after Avengers. This morning I was trying to milk Tony but instead I ended up milking Bucky 5 times.
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It turns out that "not having time to be on tumblr", which has been my default state for the last 2 years, also translates to "not having time to be on any sort of social media." Alas. I hope that one day, my life will be less insanely busy, but that day may be 10 years in the future.


Oh hey! The other day I mentioned at work that I've been "reading about gay people in New York in the 1930s" (aka fanfic) and 2 of the other teachers were like "You're reading Gay New York?!" And I was like "... slowly, and in snippets."

I should probably read it for realz, though. Maybe in all the free time I have if I stop reading fanfic.
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Here's why my overall reaction to Captain Marvel was "meh".

basically: I want more Carol )
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Oh hey, I finished the Bucky birthday comic only 1 day late this year:

2 more pages )

On AO3 here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3523001/chapters/42747857

not my best work but it's what my sick brain generated at midnight so whatevs.
crap, now I need to figure out whether I want to post it anywhere else
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immediate reaction post-watch:
meh )
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[syndicated profile] nindokag_feed posted: New status by nindokag

OK, this is my favorite thing SlateStarCodex has ever done: slatestarcodex.com/2019/03/04/

presenting true facts like they're insane conspiracy theories. what if Obama... ISN'T FROM AFRICA AT ALL? what if the GOVERNMENT had a SECRET RESEARCH PROGRAM to reach THE MOON in the 1960s?

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Okay, first, a little context -- my mom got Rutabaga the 7 book set of the "Original Flavor" Curious George books, the ones written by H.A. and Margaret Rey. At first I was like "ugh those books about monkey kidnapping." And yeah, there's gender issues up the wazoo -- basically women are only outside if they have kids in tow, all the nurses are female and all the doctors are male, etc etc. And once George moves to suburbia there's basically only white people.


H.A. Rey's artwork is amazing and does a really good job of capturing the scenes of the time, and original flavor George is chaotic neutral -- as in, there isn't a neat moral that goes with every story. George is curious, George does things, and then sometimes something bad happens and all the fun is gone. But then sometimes something else happens and then things are okay? Also: Curious George Learns the Alphabet is one of the best alphabet books I've seen.

So why do I love Curious George Takes a Job (book 2 of 7) in particular?

For that, let's start here:

In book 1 ("Curious George"), George gets taken out of the Jungle, has some shenanigans on the ship and in the city that he's in, and then there's a moment when he grabs some balloons and flies up into the sky...

In book 2, George escapes from the Zoo with the help of his elephant friend and then goes into the city:

... these are 2 very different cities. In fact, one could say that the first one is Paris and the second one is New York. What happened? From Wikipedia:
Hans and Margret were German Jews. The couple first met in Hamburg [...] they met again in Brazil, where Hans was working as a salesman of bathtubs and Margret had gone to escape the rise of Nazism in Germany. They married in 1935 and moved to Paris in August of that year. [...]
The outbreak of World War II interrupted their work. Being Jews, the Reys decided to flee Paris before the Nazis invaded the city. Hans assembled two bicycles, and they left the city just a few hours before it fell. Among the meager possessions they brought with them was the illustrated manuscript of Curious George. [...]
They crossed the Spanish border, where they bought train tickets to Lisbon. From there they returned to Brazil, where they had met five years earlier, but this time they continued to New York.

So yes -- the first Curious George book was written in 1941 and set in Paris, while the second Curious George book was written in 1947 and set in New York. The first one was written as a one-shot, while the second one is written to be part of a larger series, and artistically, it goes a long way to establishing the visuals and tropes of the series. In the first book, the man with the yellow hat wears short sleeves?!!! And George is super off-model! The "Don't be curious or you'll get into trouble" line, the "monkeys have special agility" trope, the"George gets into trouble but in the end everyone shows up and it's all right" framework are all from book 2.

New York 1940s
I have a vested interest in New York in the 1940s due to a certain Steve Rogers character, and I love the little glimpses that H.A. Rey captures. If you peer at the spread above, there's a soda fountain, there's a milk delivery truck, there's sailors stepping into a pipe shop, there's two boys peering into a book store, there's a horse-drawn carriage and a police motorcycle and a guy pedaling probably an ice cream thing? There's people of color and women, and everything just feels so alive.

It has this great line: "So they went down into the subway and took an uptown train to the cook's friend, who was an elevator man in a skyscraper."

Look at the turnstile! The ad in the bg!
I should probably cut here for length lol )

Curious George misses his home
This is also the only book that acknowledges that George is from the Jungle and misses it. In book 1, George is mostly having fun in the city, but here...

He paints a room to be more like his home:

And then after people start chasing him, he decides to jump down to escape, and: "Poor little George! He had forgotten that the pavement was hard as stone... not like the soft grass of the jungle"

And finally, the moment where his home is sanitized for the American audience: "In the studio George was kept so busy all the time that he forgot to be curious. He liked the jungle they made for him and played happily there."

In the following books, he's pretty integrated into his American home and family and friends, and the jungle is never brought up again, but I love that in this book, George misses his home, has a hard time adjusting, and would take any kind of solace, even if it's a crappy studio facsimile of the jungle.

I'm probably reading too much into it, but it was also 1947 and HA and Margaret Rey had been living in New York for 6 years. An this, Book 2 of 7 is the only one where he misses the jungle.

Artistic experimentation
I feel like this book has some really cool artistic experimentation. Later on they kind of settle into a solid "picture book" style, but here we have some cool narration happening in an almost comic-book sort of way. Look at this lovely bit:

The line of action going from the interior room to the hallway to the fire escape, with the main people chasing, the curious heads popping out of their apartments, and the giant arrow pointing to the fire escape. (The other page of the chase scene is also great.)

And of course, the mysterious ether scene:
this page is a bit tall, so a cut )

Anyway, I love Curious George Takes a Job! I'm going to end with a shot from the second-to-last page:

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I keep intending to write up proper things for these, but maybe it's better to just dump them here in crude form. If you want to hear more about it, comment and I'll write it up properly?

- All the reasons that I hate Marlin in Finding Nemo, not least of which is the way he erases Dory from his telling of his escapades

- Why the 2nd Curious George book (Curious George Takes A Job) is my favorite: what it tells us about the authors, 1940s New York, and Curious George himself.

- I watched Into the Spiderverse and I have SO MANY SQUEES

- I watched Venom and ... wow I've never seen such a poly-friendly movie before this. (But also: I kept expecting Oakland Chinatown and being confused -- a side essay about Chinatowns)

- What *should* I do with my patreon anyway? (related: what should I do with my DW?)

In other news, hopefully only 1 more day to this sprained ankle business!
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Something that's been really helpful to me recently has been this:

Instead of sorting my to-dos by "most desperately needs done", I'm listing it by "type of energy needed". Which, for me, is high/medium/low social vs. creative, and in the medium area, there's also "managerial", which is that thing where you sort things and it feels nice (aka modding). It's helped me in a few ways:
- "oh, I see, the problem right now is that I have a lot of high creative and medium managerial stuff lined up, so I need to clear out a block of time to get those done so that I have more medium creative and low-grade chilling stuff to do instead."
- "I'm feeling pretty tired right now, let's see what thing I should actually be doing, instead of attempting to do something that requires more energy and then procrastinating"
- "Oh yeah, text chat is hard and takes a lot out of me, so if I'm doing that, I might as well do this other thing instead"
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The History of Women in Sci-Fi Isn’t What You Think | WIRED
So why do we have such a distorted view of history? Yaszek says that the first science fiction anthologies were published during a backlash against first-wave feminism, and that male editors such as John W. Campbell and Groff Conklin specifically excluded women from their lineups.

“For whatever reasons, they had it in their heads that women couldn’t write,” she says, “and when they sat down to make the first anthologies—the genre was finally old enough to tell its own history—they really consciously dropped women out of that history.”


Feb. 22nd, 2019 05:38 pm
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Following that whole fan-monetizing conversation that was going around DW a while back, I've been thinking about whether I should keep having a Patreon or not, since it's quite possible that my patrons need their $1/mo more than I need their cumulative $14.

But then again, I started the Patreon as a way to incentivize myself to do things that I otherwise wouldn't do. Like, sure, there's a certain amount of time that I invest in fandom just because. I'm not getting paid to mod fandom events, for example, and it'll never be something that becomes contingent on patrons. On the other hand, there are some things that I need an extra vote of confidence for. Not just a "you write/draw stuff that I'm interested in consuming, so I will follow/friend/subscribe", but a "you make stuff that I'm interested in supporting financially."

I think one of the problems with doing fan stuff (or maybe just a problem with myself) is that the value of fanwork is measured in how much it adds to fandom. My work is worth "likes" or "kudos" or "feels", but isn't worth real life money. I know that's not true -- I go to conventions and see fan artists selling $15-$25 prints (and I buy them). But I tell myself it's because selling fanart is how they make a living, and since I have a job that I love and only want to draw on the side, I should only charge people the printing cost. Thus devaluing my work. So in that sense, Patreon isn't giving me money that I need, but rather, it's giving value to my work. It's 12 people who are saying "The stuff you make has real life monetary value, and isn't just something to be measured in feels." And that's worth a lot to me, actually.*

Argh, I started this post to basically say that Patreon still serves a function in incentivizing myself to do things that I otherwise wouldn't do, and I need to give deeper thought to what I want to be incentivized to do (and is still sustainable), and maybe changing my Patreon again.

In the meantime, Patreon incentivized me to make to process gifs for my recent Captain America comic that I wouldn't have made otherwise:
https://www.patreon.com/posts/24893484 (it's a public post)

Actually, I think the gifs work better standalone, so here they are: [Page 1] [Page 3]

* yes, capitalism is problematic. But it's also what we have right now. Even if I measure my work in "number of friends I get to meet", it still costs money to meet up with fandom friends.
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[personal profile] grzanka posted: Aromantic spectrum people’s relation to romance
The aim of it was to determine what kind of experiences relating to romance were most common among aromantic spectrum people and if those experiences differed between people identifying with different labels on the spectrum.

Some really cool findings! :D
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this is one of my favorite comments to my Steve Birthday comic, ever: https://archiveofourown.org/comments/177835455 . IT IS SO PRECIOUS.
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okay, after working at it for the last 4.5 hours ... all I have left are the fanart-of-fanarts and Captain China. Which I'll probably do ... in the far future.

(Rutabaga is veering towards illness and so I'm v. worried that I'm going to be spending the rest of februrary break doing child care instead of catching up on errands and creative projects.)
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me, putting my old art on AO3 so that it has a home: "oh yeah, this is a hassle and a half, which is why I didn't do it in the first place."

Basically spent the last 2 hours posting .... the rest of askwsbucky, the rest of the genderbends, and a few peggys. I better allot a chunk of time tomorrow to posting the rest (captain china, the fixit comics, the shuri comic, all the various fanart-of-fanarts, and some misc comics and doodles)
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[tumblr.com profile] ladytodd posted: Modern Howlies
ninety something year old howlies chasing Bucky across Europe and despite his winter soldier training managing to keep getting the drop on him.

Trying out the fancy reblog Signal Boost bookmarklet from [personal profile] lj_writes! https://lj-writes.dreamwidth.org/2019/02/14/bookmarklet-fork.html

It retains usernames from other sites -- at least, the username from whom you're reblogging from, which is usually not the OP, who I think should get proper attribution.
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I guess it's a good sign when I go to reread and old work and go "ew" -- that means I may have gotten better at writing????????????? (although there are also old ficlets of mine where I read it and am like "dang, that's actually way better than anything I've written recently, so....)
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i keep forgetting that Steve has this absolutely gorgeous hair in avengers 3 and 4, but for some reason i always remember his dorky-ass hair from avengers 1????
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argh i hate it that i'm currently too fat to properly wear my wedding ring, but also am too stressed to stop eating chocolate. do better, self!
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