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Dec. 20th, 2018 11:14 am
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Hi! I mostly post about Captain America stuff here. I draw fan comics and write the occasional small ficlet. I am married, with a very assertive toddler. My personal blog is at [personal profile] summercomfort.

As a tumblr expat, the following norms are true for my blog:
1) Commenting with a <3 = a "like". (I won't respond, but it will be seen and appreciated)
2) My posts will be short and frequent. (blurb + link = "reblog")
3) I won't be hiding my images behind cuts. (but I will cut for length and discretion))
4) All of my posts will be public. Feel free to "reblog" how you want! (linkbacks appreciated)
4.5) Reblogging images: please use thumbnail form of image (width=200) instead of full size reposting.
5) Use the comments on this Sticky as either an Askbox (comments are private, anon is open), or a way to @Mention me (just drop in a link to the post where you @mention me)
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I guess it's a good sign when I go to reread and old work and go "ew" -- that means I may have gotten better at writing????????????? (although there are also old ficlets of mine where I read it and am like "dang, that's actually way better than anything I've written recently, so....)
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i keep forgetting that Steve has this absolutely gorgeous hair in avengers 3 and 4, but for some reason i always remember his dorky-ass hair from avengers 1????
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argh i hate it that i'm currently too fat to properly wear my wedding ring, but also am too stressed to stop eating chocolate. do better, self!
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Okay, I see people here being like "I don't know what a shitpost is, so I'm nervous" and I'm like ... the point of shitposts is to NOT care about what you're writing.

So, here are my shitposting rules:
1) write a line or two, not a paragraph
2) either ZERO caps or ALL caps. play fast and loose with punctuation and shit
3) write the first thing that comes to mind, hit post, and then leave

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I've been thinking about how my online habits have changed since I moved to DW. I read more articles. I read more fics. I feel more disconnected from the fanart community and memes. I am laugh a lot less. (I used to be able to go onto tumblr and see 5 posts within a minute of scrolling that makes me lol, or smile in amusement). My worry about the world is more "the environment will die" and less "atrocities are happening everywhere (here is a list of places to donate)"

At the end of the day, what it boils down to is that tumblr and DW take up different types of brain energy. Tumblr filled the "goof off" niche (competition: BrickBreaker, fic reading), and DW fills the "mildly serious" niche (competition: modding, arting). Shitposting on DW is great, but at the end of the day, the difficulty around images and mobile just makes the site less conducive to short, goof-off posts.*

Anyway, I want to think about what are my needs re: social media.

To connect with a community
- DW has a good community here! Honestly, my problem rn is that I don't have the time and energy to invest in being an active participant in something like Discord or even Hubzilla. And I mostly just haven't been connecting with people. I should just give up on this one.

To keep track of the pulse of fandom
- DW is not bad, although it feels like Discord type places is better for getting notifications that a movie is coming out, or a trailer has dropped. I guess DW has more of the meta level stuff and less squee about Steve Rogers' hair. (Although I think it can and should serve as a place for intemperate squeeing)

To spread my art
- I think AO3 is going to be the place for me for posting art, since people can subscribe and comment. And I guess I can get accounts in all the other places and crosspost there when the time comes. ngl: getting notes on tumblr was definitely nice. But I'm in a spite-based relationship with tumblr rn, so fuck that noise. Honestly, I think rn the best place to spread my art would probably be twitter. I just have to find the mental space to set up there. :/ But also: that may never happen so I should at least do some AO3 housecleaning today.

To relax and look at silly things
- I don't know where I can do this except on tumblr, tbh. So maybe I'll still do that. I'm a silly things consumer, not a producer. maybe it's time to re-install the tumblr app on my phone.

To vent and organize my thoughts
- Obviously this is what I've used DW for since 2001. Same old same old

* Not that it's not doable. Just slightly harder. I think the question here is: is it just hard enough be impossible to nurture?
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[syndicated profile] nindokag_feed posted: New status by nindokag


On the one hand, we have witnessed an endless series of global debt crises[...] On the other, we have an ecological crisis[...] But ultimately they are the same. What is debt, after all, but the promise of future productivity? Saying that global debt levels keep rising is simply another way of saying that, [...] human beings are promising each other to produce an even greater volume of goods and services in the future than they are creating now.

This is going to take me a while to digest, but wanted to reblog while I still remember.
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[personal profile] aka_vamp posted: (no subject)

I learned a new thing today:

ClickyOoh look, it's a pure HTML drop down thingy, for spoilers or whisperspace or cut thingies or read more...!


Super cool!
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[personal profile] astolat posted: SignalBoost bookmarklet update! Now boosts HTML

[personal profile] astolat posted: SignalBoost bookmarklet

I've now updated the bookmarklet so that it preserves the HTML encoding in the selected text, so for instance if you select a chunk of text that includes an image or links to an AO3 story or to another DW post, the links will be preserved. It does NOT work on embedded video, sorry. :(

You can just copy and paste that code from the textarea into the URL field of the bookmarklet to upgrade it.

Also here's the underlying javascript in much more readable/editable form for anyone who wants to muck around with it: signal_boost.js on Gist

Woooooo! This thing is amazing! <3 <3 <3
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[personal profile] beir posted: (no subject)

So cute!! (Click to see beir's full art!)
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[personal profile] musyc posted: MWAHAHAHA

PhD version of the 2048 game over here, and I love it because I'm terrible at numbers but words work for me. XD

Here's my result:

What I loved:
- in the early game, sometimes your ideas become garbage
- after you break up from a relationship, the breakup serves as a negative tile that downgrades your hard work
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it's been a week of sending in a daily support ticket! I'm going to start sending in 2 tickets starting tomorrow. I've been selecting the "terminated blog" option.

Should I also put the 2nd daily ticket under the same category, or a different one?

Here are the options, btw:

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The fun thing about sending tumblr a daily support ticket is that I can track the ticket number, and from there, extrapolate how many tickets were submitted in the intervening time:

There's about 3000 tickets per day. If you spend 5 minutes per ticket and assume an 8 hour workday, tumblr needs 30 people dedicated to responding to support tickets.

I somehow don't think they have 15 people, much less 30.
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Someone asked me for general comics advice just now, and being that this is the second person in about as many weeks, I'm gonna post what I wrote here, too:

- As far as Scott McCloud's books go, I think the 2 biggest takeaways are that (a) take advantage of the transition between panels (the gutterspace) to pace the scene, and (b) be aware of where on the clarity <--> intensity spectrum you are with any given page or panel, and whether you want to dial it one way or the other.

- Always leave room for words. A big way that comic panel layout is different form normal illustrations is that the speech bubbles are also composition elements. Relatedly, leave the final word tweaking to the layout/inking stage, because sometimes the speech bubble shape requires re-phrasing everything.

- Don't belabor the art. Or, as I usually say, "draw shitty." Each panel will be read in about 10 seconds, so no need to spend 3 hours on it. Often-times, it's more important to have strong silhouettes and panel composition than to get every eyelash in the right place. That said..

- Try to have a "highlight" on every page -- it could be the primary emotion shot, or a cool splash image with a great background, or a great action shot -- I think of that as the "anchor" for the page, and everything else on that page either builds up to it or leads away from it. And that "highlight" *is* the thing you spend more time on, whether it's perfecting the layout or getting the words just right or cranking up the intensity.

- Panels are beats. Sometimes it helps me to think of panels rhythmically, so a smaller panel is like a staccato 1/8th note, while a large panel is like a whole note.

- Try doing a short 1-2 page trial just to test out your process -- how much will be paper vs. digital? Will you dedicate a chunk of time just on character and setting design, or will you wing it in the inking process? Will you finalize details in the penciling stage or in the inking stage? Will you hand-letter or type it on the computer? When and how will you do your speech bubbles? How long *does* rendering take? Those are all questions that are best done with a small trial thing first.

Edited Feb 3 to add:

- Don't start with the space epic that's been in your head since 3rd grade. Or rather, don't start at the beginning of that, and don't "start" by spending hundreds of hours doing more world-building and character design. You've been doing that in your head for 10+ years, the challenge is getting it OUT of your head. So: Pick a favorite scene and draw that. Then draw another one. Then another one. It may take you 3-5 years to draw your story, but hey, it's been in your head for 10+ years, 3 more years is nothing.

- A scene ends up being 2-5 pages, and it takes 4-8 hours to draw a page (unless you're either really good or draw really shitty). So drawing a scene takes 20-30 hours. Plan accordingly.

- Make sure to vary up the panels on each page. I usually try to make sure there's a wide shot on each page to show the relative positions and setting. Big panels with backgrounds tend to take longer to draw but also take up more page real estate, and small panels with a close-up take less time to draw but there tends to be more of them, so it mostly evens out at the end of the day.
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[personal profile] daphneblithe posted: Painting ruin, painting water

The photographs in this book are AMAZING. She's an urbex photographer, roamed ex-Soviet regions and photographed ruined interiors. More of her work is here.

Soviet Ghosts -- what a good title for a book! (And a good name for Bucky&Nat)
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[personal profile] minoanmiss posted: Ford's antisemitism and O'Reilly's censorship

The mayor of Dearborn, Michigan, Jack O'Reilly, has fired the City Historian, Bill McGraw, after McGraw wrote a magazine article in the Dearborn Historian about Henry Ford's history and legacy of antisemitism. In addition, O'Reilly killed publication of the magazine.

It'd sure be a shame if that article got around by other means, wouldn't it? After all, Mayor O'Reilly would really prefer if you didn't read it.

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Also, I was driving and thinking about the unceremonious deletion of my tumblr without warning or explanation, and of course got a bit angry at tumblr. So my goal for the next week is to send them a support ticket every day. And then the week after that, 2 tickets, then 3, etc.

I'm done being nice about it. I'll try for the month of February and see what happens.
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I've realized that my weird discombobulated feeling of the last bit came from two sources:

- I actually don't usually engage in social media as much as I have over the last 2 months -- back when I had a tumblr, it was easy to just let well enough alone. But as I was trying to settle into DW and also check out other places (Hubzilla is really fun!), I've actually being doing double or triple the usual amount of social engagement, and while that has made me feel more connected to a bunch of people (::waves::), it also means that I've been tapping on my social energy reserves a lot. I need to be more conscious about when and what I'm looking for when I go on social media, and choose accordingly (fun lols vs. thoughtful commentary vs. real time conversation vs. sharing with the world)

- I haven't been doing enough art. Drawing and making things clears out all of my brain noise like nothing else.

So I did some art! :D It's a bangarang so it won't be revealed until Mar, but OMG DRAWING FEELS SO GOOD.
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You know one thing I really like about reblogging? It retains the attribution of the person you got the thing from. And, unlike linkspams, it's usually a post of a singular experience.

Which is to say -- I've since lost the linkspam post that I got this from, but:
6 Epidemics That Changed History

As usually when I click on these types of things, I'm wary of (a) Eurocentrism and (b) whatever the heck "changed history" means. But this one's not too bad on either of those fronts!

btw, the 6 are:
1. Malaria Outbreak in the Vatican // 1623
2. New England Smallpox Epidemic // 1721
3. Saint-Domingue Yellow Fever Epidemic // 1802
4. Third Cholera Pandemic // Mid-19th Century
4. Fijian Measles Outbreak // 1875
5. African Rinderpest Outbreak // 1890s
6. U.S. Salmonella Outbreak // 1994

(lol, there's actually 7 but the article mis-counted. Although the cholera epidemic one is kind of a gimme, so ... yah)
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[personal profile] shy_magpie posted: Article Rec: How to Start a Conversation Without Throwing Up

The Lazy Genius Collective website posted: How to Start a Conversation Without Throwing Up

Super helpful quick read with examples!

And one of the examples is Park Mom!! omg the number of times I've gone to the park with Rutabaga and was like "omg there are other people, run!!" is .... high.
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via [personal profile] falena: Frosted Glass, a short story.
Mrs. Mendez fumed. She watched the lights go on at the neighbor’s house. The Mendezes had installed the trendiest windows they could find—frosted glass, cut into identical squares. They could see out, but anyone looking in would see just blobs and shapes. They’d see silhouettes moving in and out of shadows like creatures stretching and curling into their caves. This is why Mrs. Mendez had busted her back for twenty-five years. This is why she had arrived with her one suitcase and cleaned homes for so many years while taking classes at the community college where all her teachers assumed by her accent she understood nothing. Why she’d studied accounting with an English-to-Spanish dictionary at her side and spent years working her way up a ladder full of splinters and snapped legs at every turn. So she could have goddamn frosted glass spy windows she could see out of but nobody could see into.

Definitely worth a read, although smol spoilers )
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