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.... I think it might be called "hitting your 30s". Used to be, I'd just tough it out. But now the desire to lie there and do nothing is More Compelling.

Also: everyone is sick. :/

Anyway, just finished teacher orientation meetings today for Chinese School, which is one of those "oh shit Chinese School's starting next week!!" wake-up calls.

Things I need to do in the next week:
- drop off mom's car
- drop off history books back in parents' garage
- pick up first day textbooks from the HCC office
- write HCC check to carrie
- spend 3 nights doing taxes
- refill yellow envelope
- print out W-4 forms for the new person
- grade tests from June and clear out my teacher bag for the new school year

Also ideally:
- spend 1 night writing checks
- spend 1 night processing checks to deposit
- draw a poster for APE????

Oh shit also there's Back to School Night. FORGOT ABOUT THAT
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